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Short social media content

This content we create for clients who are part of our monthly content package. This type of content is effective on social media and the length of it is below 30 seconds.

Price : on Consultation

Up to 1 Min video Promo trailer

Video promotional trailers on a perfect way of displaying your services, your brand and what you do to your followers online. this video will include all the essential information regarding your business and service.

Price : Typically one day shoot and one day edit £1100

Business overview video

A business overview video has more detail than a short trailer. A business overview video can include additional information about your business or organisation and also include other types of content such as interviews, animation and voice overs. This product is perfect to be displayed on websites and longer video content platforms such as YouTube and LinkedIn.

Typically One day shoot and 3 day edit £2200

Event overview video

An event overview video Is a product that shows how great your event was. This type of video will include behind the scenes of the event and possibly footage from the buildup also. We will capture cinematic footage of the event and it will include the narrative of the day so that you can show the people who attended and to your followers what great events you can hold. This type of content is perfect for exhibitions, sports events and commercial events.

Typically One day shoot and 3 day edit £2200

Testimonial video

Social proof is a proven way of gaining the trust of your audience. Testimonial videos are one of the best ways of convincing your audience of what great service you provide. these videos will consist of interviews of your clients and additional footage of your services.

Typically One day shoot 1 day edit (+ 1 day per testimonial) : £1100

Online Web Series – Priced after consultation

If you’re a brand or an organisation that consists of stories and interesting people and you believe that you have enough content for a web series then we can make that happen for you. This type of product Can be quite simple or it can consist of a full production setup. this will all be based upon the requirements of the client.

Price : on Consultation

Exhibitions Stall Video

Stall videos are videos that will allow you to attract attention and showcase your business on events and exhibitions. This type of content would be short and snappy highlighting key visuals related to your business.

Typically One day shoot and 1 day edit £1100

Product photography

We can provide photos and videos for companies and organisations that want to advertise their products or other items such as foods and drinks online. This service will allow you to Showcase your products to your audience on a regular basis whether it be your existing products or new products about release.

Price : on Consultation

Animation and additional services

Animation is an excellent way to display information and clearly show instructions for viewers. Animation includes 2D graphics that is constructed based from the brief given from the client. Typically we story board it for you and if needed we also provide a script if you prefer having voice over too.

Starting from £150 per hour


Why not contact us and have a friendly chat with one of our team and discuss your needs. We can talk through exactly what you need and offer you free and impartial advice on what we believe will be the best solution for you.

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