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24Pictures is passionate about working with people or organisations that are dedicated to sports and recreation. We currently work with top class organisations and people who are at the forefront of their respective discipline. From organisations such as Cage Warriors, SBG (Straight Blast Gym), Wimp2Warrior and world-class individuals like John Kavanagh and former BAMMA World Champion, Martin Stapleton. We have experience in shooting disciplines such as boxing, mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, marine fitness, personal training, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu jitsu), Judo, Horse Riding, Archery, Karate, football and many more.

In this area, we are offering a variety of services, whether its a promotional video for your organisation, short documentaries of your organisation or personally, testimonials or even instruction and coaching classes, all shot in high-quality production at an affordable price. Video content will allow your organisation to grow and increase in its awareness, we have seen how video content has increased membership for gyms like FCPC (Full Contact Performance Centre) and sign-ups for organisations like Wimp2Warrior.

Also if you are on your journey to stardom and want to document your journey, we offer bespoke documentaries to show the world your hard work, just like Martin Stapleton with ‘One Step Further.’ We understand that not all organisations have the same budget and even though one may be on his or her way to mega-stardom, the beginning is always tough so we will work with budgets and see how we can help them. We do this because we enjoy surrounding ourselves with motivated people and want to become a part of your success story. So if you want to start increasing your followers, members or awareness then make us part of your team and let’s grow together!


Sports Testimonials

  • Richie Cranny
    Through the uncovered series we’ve produced together you’ve enabled us to reach a worldwide audience with over a million views in just a few short months.
    Richie Cranny
    Founder Wimp2Warrior PTY
  • John Kavanagh
    24 Pictures did a great job. Would recommend them for future projects.
    John Kavanagh
    Head Coach SBG Ireland
  • Martin Stapleton
    Having used you for many different projects you’ve never let me down and gone above and beyond.
    Martin Stapleton
    Former BAMMA world champion

Package One

Backstage Pass Promo’s

A short promo for each aspect and area of your organisation that you would like to show your community and clients.

  • Four hour shoot p/m by a single camera man
  • Two 1-2 minute videos p/m
  • Advice on marketing and production
  • Consistent content for brand/organisation
  • One interview (one camera set up)
  • Three months contract
  • Terms and conditions apply

Package Two

Back Stage Pass Solo

This product focuses on an athlete/subject who would like to show the world his/her work. This consists of either 1 single camera operator or an entire crew capturing the daily/regular routines of the athlete/subject. This helps with keeping their following up to date and increasing presence on platforms they require their content to be showcased.

  • Professional video/audio gear
  • One camera operator or more
  • Monthly rolling contract
  • Recording Hours subject to consultation (min 2 Hrs p/m)
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